Glendalough 13YO MIZUNARA Cask finish 0.7/46%

Single grain 0.700 л.
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This winner of World Best Irish Whiskey, is now the first, and only, Irish Whiskey released with a Japanese minuzara finish.

Extremely rare, and expensive, our virgin Japanese mizunara, comes from Hokkaido, the rugged most northern island of Japan. It is coopered to order in Japan's only independent cooperage, by Japan's oldest cooper. Mizunara amplifies much of what is already there while layering on more vanilla smoothness, sandlewood notes and even a little coconut, or gorse flower if you're from our neck of the woods.

This whiskey has very different and exotic flavours compared with what you'd expect from an Irish single malt. And there's not a lot of it around! This is one to snap up and savour.

The nose. Honeycomb, vanilla, apricot, and citrus. The taste. Velvety smooth with more vanilla, fudge, rock candy, peach and marmalade followed by sandalwood, cinnamon, and oriental spices. The finish. Put it this way... "The longest milk chocolate finish in the history of Irish Whiskey" Jim Murray.



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