Sakurao Single malt Japanese whisky 0.7/43%

Single malt 0.700 л.
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Single malt
Type of barrel:
bourbon, mizunara, wine, white oak and sherry


Sakurao whisky is the creation of Sakurao Brewery & Distillery, established in 1918 in the city Sakurao, in southern Japan. The company has been making various liquors for more than a century (sake, shochu, whisky…). The distillery is located on the shores of the Seto Inland Sea, facing Miyajima Island. While Sakurao was known for their unique gins, the distillery released its very first single malts in 2021. The distillery has been driven by the ambition of producing spirits that would combine innovation and tradition. 100 years later, this endless pursuit brought Sakurao where they are now. The Sakurao distillery is a 225 m² craft distillery located in Hatsukaichi, built to meet bigger production needs and expand to new spirits categories.

• The whiskies are double distilled in an Arnold Holstein Hybrid still, tailor- made to obtain elegant and fruity whiskies

• Spring water is sourced from the surrounding Oze river

• The still’s swan neck faces downwards to hold more ethers

• Out of the still, the whiskies reach a very high ABV before being reduced

• Sakurao Single malt is then aged for 3 years in the distillery’s cellars. Angel’s share is about 5%

Aged for 3 years in a combination of 5 types of casks: bourbon, mizunara, wine, white oak and sherry

Non-colored, non-chill filtered

NOSE | Indulgent – Grapes & orange

PALATE | Complex – Vanilla & sour apple

FINALE | Rich and Long – Smoke



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