Journeyman Corsets & Whips 0.5/59.2%

Wheat whisky 0.500 л.
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Journeyman Distillery is located in an 1800’s corset and buggy whip factory in Three Oaks, Michigan. Once a dry town, we feel we’ve finally added the essential ingredient to a great party. Corsets, Whips & Whiskey is a single-grain, cask strength version of our Buggy Whip Wheat that comes directly from barrel-to-glass. Named after the products produced here at the historic Featherbone factory building throughout time; this whiskey as true tribute to American manufacturing. This limited release whiskey showcases the high quality and terroir of the organic Michigan wheat used to produce it. The 100% wheat provides a soft sweetness and smoothness to this whiskey unlike any other and reminiscent of an Irish whiskey on the palate.

Product Information

  • Single-distillation from 100% organic Michigan-grown wheat

  • Cask Strength

  • Blended to profile for each batch

Tasting Notes

Great mouth feel with a heavier weight of whiskey (viscous, chewy, and mouth coating), sweet, rich, citrus, vanilla, caramel, warming, added complexity from added alcohol content.



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